Former Members

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Name Position Current Position
Dr. Giovanni Bottari Post-Doctoral fellow (Marie Curie) ?
Dr. Peter J. Deuss Post-Doctoral fellow (SuBiCat) ENTEG
Dr. Narani Anand Post-Doctoral fellow (CatchBio) Post-doc, University of Amsterdam
Christopher Bernt Visiting PhD-student (Ford group, UCSB) PhD-student, UCSB
Martin Scott Master student (Evonik fellowship) PhD student, RWTH-Aachen, Leitner group
Ciaran Lahive Visiting PhD student (Kamer group, University of St Andrews) PhD student (Kamer group, University of St Andrews)
Tao Yan PhD student MIT (The Schrok Group)
Laurie Squiban Master student (Erasmus) ?
Anaís Couto Vasconcelos Bachelor Student internship (Brazil) ?
Gwen Tjallinks Bachelor student Master student (NTUT Trondheim, Norway)
Lars Silverwood Bachelor student